We combine fashion with technology! Closure solutions for accessories in the fashion sector

Closure Solutions 3D Printing Fashion

3D printing in the fashion industry

"Additive manufacturing" is a comprehensive term for all manufacturing processes in which material is applied layer by layer to create three-dimensional objects. The layer-by-layer construction is computer-controlled from one or more liquid or solid materials according to specified masses and shapes (CAD/CAM). We have our Closure solutions for Fashion Accessories with the 3D printing process.

Verschlusslösungen 3D-Druck Mode
Innovative nachhaltige Produkte

Innovative sustainable 3D products

Limitless construction

This process is particularly suitable for smaller components in larger quantities, for unique pieces of jewellery or in the medical and dental industry, as well as for small series production or one-off production of parts with a high level of geometric complexity. With 3D technology, we let our innovative and sustainable products, such as our Fashion Accessories with Magnetic Closure Solutions  and thus combine fashion with technology!